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Now, more than ever, post-16 education is in the headlines - whether it be the FE and Skills Bill, T levels, or the disputes over redundancy spreading across the university sector.
Post-Brexit, post-Covid, in the face of economic, technological, climatic and other crises, the case for radically rethinking post-16 education has never been as strong. The concerns are many.
In recent issues of PSE, we’ve covered the FE White Paper and its impact across post-16 education, including colleges and universities. We’ve debated the meaning of teacher professionalism and its relationship to workplace struggle. We’ve looked at functional skills and A levels. We’ve revisited Paulo Freire and his relevance for educators today. We’ve discussed the challenges facing both young people and older workers.
PSE wants to encourage more critical discussion of post-16 education. We have therefore set up a PSE discussion and information forum on jisc-mail.
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We’re hoping that this forum will bring together activists, practitioners and researchers from across the post-16 sector (FE, community and adult education, apprenticeship, sixth form and HE) who want to share information and concerns; and engage in a constructive and friendly discussion about the problems we face in the sector, our visions for its future, and the steps we can take to achieve it. At the same time, we hope this forum will extend our network of subscribers, contributors and readers.
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Colin Waugh (Editor Post-16 Educator)