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Post-16 Educator is a quarterly magazine produced by and for activists in all sectors of post compulsory education.

To all UCU and other union branches with an interest in further, adult and higher education, the magazine is a 24-page quarterly produced entirely by and for practitioners and activists in these sectors.

If your branch would like to arrange a subscription, please contact the editor on and let us know how many copies you would like, whether you would want a PDF of each issue etc, and we will get back to you with a suggested subscription rate. For individual or regular individual subs go to Subscriptions.

Post-16 Educator interviews candidates for Deputy General Secretary of the National Education Union

This October, members of NEU will elect a Deputy General Secretary. The winning candidate may ultimately go on to become the first elected General Secretary of the NEU, taking over from Mary Bousted and Kevin Courtney who have been Joint General Secretary since the amalgamation of the NUT and ATL. Post-16 issues tend often to be overlooked in debates about 'education' which are more frequently focused on statutory schooling. Given that, with over 450,000 members, the NEU is the largest education union in Europe, this election offers an important opportunity to discuss the challenges facing the post-16 sector, with regard especially to school sixth forms and sixth form colleges. These include funding, teachers' conditions and pay, the ongoing academic/vocational divide, T-levels, and the possible loss of BTEC qualifications, as well as building workplace power and effective collaboration with UCU and other unions in and outside the different parts of the post-16 sector. Daniel Whittall spoke with all three candidates on behalf of Post-16 Educator, with a view to getting a sense of where each stands in relation to post-16 issues. Link to the transcripts here.

Latest Post-16 Educator
Issue 104, June to August 2021
Politicising the education crisis
David Ridley argues for a strategy based on community support for student occupations.

Luck and the lonely teacher
Bea Groves-McDaniel reflects on her experience in adult education.

Reform, revolution and the RevEDlution
Jason Boucher and Jennifer Lindsell advocate overall change as the proper response to the pandemic.

Functional Skills exams: the final pandemic fiasco
Lisa Fortescue-Poole highlights the discriminatory treatment of students seeking Functional Skills qualifications.

A-levels: not as golden as they once were
Martin Allen restates the case for replacing A-levels.

Letter to the editors
Roy Stafford comments on material on the FE White Paper in PSE 103.

Mentoring matters
Robin Simmons describes research aimed at helping NEET young people to access education and training.

Youth prospects
Patrick Ainley reviews a comparative study of young people's situation in the UK and Germany.

Government ID plan could exclude two million voters
Stephen Lambert points out the dangers of the Government's new bill.

Rob Peutrell introduces a feature based on the recent PSE Zoom discussion of professionalism.

Professionalism and pedagogy are organising issues
Janet Farrar empasises the need for practitioners to see professional development within a union framework.

Professionalism, job control and workplace organising
Howard Stevenson argues for collective organisation around the 'frontier of control'.

Trade unions and teacher professionalism
Jane Lethbridge describes some parallels between the professional position and relevant union organisation of school teachers, health and social care professionals and FE practitioners.

Sad loss of Nigel Todd
Tribute by Colin Waugh.

PSE Features

100 Years On From The Ruskin Strike

The Lost Legacy of Independent Working-Class Education, a PSE occasional publication by Colin Waugh


The Real Radical Education?

Liberal and General Studies with vocational students in UK colleges 1950-1990 as revealed through interviews with practitioners who taught it.

Bulletin 1: origins; purpose; context October 2017
Bulletin 2: history; aims; legacy November 2018

A Post-16 Educator occasional publication

General Studies Project

Set up in July 2013, the Project aims to recapture the experience of those involved with Liberal Studies, General Studies and General and Communication Studies.
If you were a lecturer in this field, and/or you’re in touch with someone who is or was, and you’d like to be involved in this research, please contact us at 
this email address.

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