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Post-16 Educator is a quarterly magazine produced by and for activists in all sectors of post compulsory education.

To all UCU and other union branches with an interest in further, adult and higher education, the magazine is a 24-page quarterly produced entirely by and for practitioners and activists in these sectors.

If your branch would like to arrange a subscription, please contact the editor on and let us know how many copies you would like, whether you would want a PDF of each issue etc, and we will get back to you with a suggested subscription rate. For individual or regular individual subs go to Subscriptions.

Jane Lethbridge discussed:
Thursday 26 May 2022, 6.30 - 7.30

In December 2021, Alison Wolf and Andrew Jenkins published a report: The new staffing patterns of UK higher education. To start this PSE discussion, Jane Lethbridge will analyse this report and look at how these changes are reflected in one post-1992 university (University of Greenwich) and the implications of these changes. The risks, threats and radical scope of these changes will fundamentally change higher and further education in future.

Slides available here

City of Liverpool College UCU branch appeal:
In 2021, City of Liverpool College (CoLC) UCU Liaison Committee Secretary and Branch Health and Safety rep. Nina Doran was subject to a protracted suspension by CoLC for allegedly breaching college policies in preparation for a protected disclosure. Nina was acting in her capacity as a union rep.

PSE readers are urged to sign the petition at:
and/or write protesting Nina’s victimisation to:
The Principal and Board of the College c/o City of Liverpool College
Roscoe Street
L1 9DW

For more information please click here for a PDF leaflet.

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Nuala Burgess
'The market, sixth-formers and post-school choosing'
Nuala Burgess looks at who wins and who loses.

Martin Allen
'Curriculum alternatives'
Martin Allen investigates how the relation between vocational and academic courses has developed over time.

Carol Azumah Dennis and Mel Green
'bell hooks, 1952-2021 writer, activist, teacher: an appreciation'
Two black women sit and talk about bell hooks and her impact on them as teachers and individuals.

Daniel Whittall and Robert Poole
'Post-16 education, regional inequality and democracy'
Daniel Whittall and Robert Poole look at what lies behind Eton College's move to open sixth form colleges, and propose an alternative.

Robin Simmons
'Kickstart – another false start'
Robin Simmons critically reviews the Kickstart job creation scheme for young people.

Stephen Lambert
'Can educational practitioners learn anything from academic social research?
Stephen Lambert, director of the social enterprise company Education4Democracy, says yes'.

Jane Lethbridge
'Review: how to really level up the UK'
Jane Lethbridge reviews the recent UK New Economics Foundation Closing the Divide publication.

Patrick Ainley
Consolidating education
Patrick Ainley critiques the commodification being introduced across all education sectors in the UK.

City of Liverpool College UCU Branch
'Urgent: sacking of Nina Doran'
This City of Liverpool College UCU Branch Circular explains the background to the victimisation of Nina Doran for union activity.

Colin Waugh
'Black Spartacus, black Jacobins'
Colin Waugh looks at Sudhir Hazareesingh's recent biography of Toussaint Louverture and considers its relation to C. L. R, James's The Black Jacobins

Richard Clarke
'What is 'useful' knowledge?'
Article by Richard Clarke based on his talk on 24 February at Birkbeck College 'Useful Knowledge 200' conference.

PSE Features

100 Years On From The Ruskin Strike

The Lost Legacy of Independent Working-Class Education, a PSE occasional publication by Colin Waugh


The Real Radical Education?

Liberal and General Studies with vocational students in UK colleges 1950-1990 as revealed through interviews with practitioners who taught it.

Bulletin 1: origins; purpose; context October 2017
´┐╝Bulletin 2: history; aims; legacy November 2018

A Post-16 Educator occasional publication

Post-16 Educator interviews candidates for Deputy General Secretary of the National Education Union

In October 2021, members of NEU elected Niamh Sweeney as Deputy General Secretary. Daniel Whittall spoke with all three candidates on behalf of Post-16 Educator, with a view to getting a sense of where each stands in relation to post-16 issues. Link to the transcripts here.

General Studies Project

Set up in July 2013, the Project aims to recapture the experience of those involved with Liberal Studies, General Studies and General and Communication Studies.
If you were a lecturer in this field, and/or you’re in touch with someone who is or was, and you’d like to be involved in this research, please contact us at 
this email address.

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