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Post-16 Educator is a quarterly magazine produced by and for activists in all sectors of post compulsory education.

To all UCU and other union branches with an interest in further, adult and higher education, the magazine is a 24-page quarterly produced entirely by and for practitioners and activists in these sectors.

If your branch would like to arrange a subscription, please contact the editor on and let us know how many copies you would like, whether you would want a PDF of each issue etc, and we will get back to you with a suggested subscription rate. For individual or regular individual subs go to Subscriptions.

Latest Post-16 Educator
Issue 116: July to September 2024
Articles in blue are available to download. The remainder will be posted in the next few weeks once subscribers' hard copies have circulated.

Moving Literacy
Post-16 Educator talked to Kayte Haselgrove and Kirsty Haughton about the new FE Literacy Movement.
The 80th anniversary of the 1944 Education Act
Patrick Ainley presents a critical perspective on the legacy.
No repeat of Tony Blair’s ‘education, education, education’ by a Starmer government
Martin Allen spells out the underlying economic issues.
Post-election dream
Mike Pevitt puts forward the approach he would like to see for the FE sector.
UK democracy ‘in crisis’, say experts
Stephen Lambert argues that urgent action is needed to restore public trust and confidence.
Protect student choice by retaining BTECs alongside A-levels and T-levels
Text of a section of the Sixth Form Colleges Association manifesto for the 2024 general election.
Labour mayors, regional industrial strategies and education
Jane Lethbridge pinpoints the developments she would like to see by 2027.
Decimation of H.E.
Jane Lethbridge looks at the crisis engulfing universities.
Learning from the past: General / Liberal Studies in English FE, c. 1957-1980
Josh Patel examines the history and considers its present-day relevance.
Norwich and District Trade Union Council Education Programme
Ian Duckett reports.
An approach to teaching about Marx’s ‘theses’ on Feuerbach using zoom
Article version of a talk by Colin Waugh.

PSE Features

100 Years On From The Ruskin Strike

The Lost Legacy of Independent Working-Class Education, a PSE occasional publication by Colin Waugh


The Real Radical Education?

Liberal and General Studies with vocational students in UK colleges 1950-1990 as revealed through interviews with practitioners who taught it.

Bulletin 1: origins; purpose; context October 2017
´┐╝Bulletin 2: history; aims; legacy November 2018

A Post-16 Educator occasional publication

Introducing David Ridley's new book: No Consolation: Radical Politics in Terrifying Times
Contributions from David Ridley (independent researcher and journalist), Stephen Cowden (University of Gloucester), Dan Taylor (lecturer in Social and Political Thought at the Open University) and Patrick Ainley (formerly at Greenwich University).


Moving literacy

Post-16 Educator talked to Kayte Haselgrove and Kirsty Haughton about the new FE Literacy Movement. Link to the transcript here.

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